Saturday, June 18, 2011


I love my life.  I really do.  We made choices to live the life we do.  However, there are days when it would be nice to just pack up and go somewhere for a week or two so I can visit people.  Or just get a wild hair and say "Hey!  Let's go see Mt Rushmore!"

But, short term satisfaction would be long term shooting ourselves in the foot.  It's highly irresponsible to do something like that.  Besides, I've been to the grocery store.  It's healthier and cheaper to raise the animals ourselves.

Today, we cleared more dead wood to work on clearing out what will be fenced in pasture for the horse and a few goats.  The children didn't feel like doing it and Charlie actually lost his books for a week.  He was sitting on the couch reading and I sent him outside to work.  He goes outside, sits on a chair, and keeps reading.  Nope.  Not acceptable.  We've gone round and round on his reading instead of working.  So, no reading for a week.  And no, I have no concerns about him "losing his love of reading."  He's like me.  He won't ever lose the desire to read anything he can get his hands on.

The other thing we got done today was soaps mixed and poured.

I also inventoried and see that we also need to make
Tea Tree

Yes, we have lots of soap to still make.  I also have scary ideas going through my head about other things we can be doing.  But, that will wait for another day.

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Moi said...

BTW I bought your soaps and I love them soo very much. They are good for my skin. I love the different scents. I got 5 different ones.

I recommend them to everyone. :-)



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