Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday, Busy Monday

Today was spinning, laundry, water, errand day.  The children love spinning, but I think they just love the attention more than the actual lesson.  After all, S and C are Papaw and Nana.  I think Charlie feels a bit left out.  But since he has no desire to learn how to spin, he hasn't really complained too much about wanting to go.

Spinning day is going to change for whatever day is convenient for C.  Mondays are busy for them as well since they run a newspaper.  So, what works for her will work for us.  I jokingly suggested having spinning at the laundromat, but there are times when that place is over crowded as well.  Come summer, the laundromat will be nauseatingly hot.

Today, along with errand running, water, spinning, laundry, I also got yogurt finished, cheese draining to make feta, put soup on the stove to heat up for supper tonight, and made granola.  What is interesting is I used peanuts instead of walnuts or almonds for the nuts and it's good.  It gives it a different crunch flavor than the expected walnut taste.  I did it for financial reasons ($1.??/pound as opposed to $4.??/pound) and will continue to do this for taste.   The other thing that got accomplished today is I got some turnips planted.  No one here likes turnips, but we like the greens.  So, the turnips themselves will be used as animal food and the greens will be for us.

Tomorrow, a friend of mine is coming over and we will be discussing the shelter.  Hopefully, things are finally changing for the better.  We will also be discussing other things.  Someone told me a whole bunch of stuff and was quite bitter and angry.  So, I need to get her side of it and find out how this will affect the future of the shelter.

The meat in the freezer went bad.  The freezer had not been run for a few days (unintentional) and the expected result happened.  So, what I need to do is get more canning jars and when we have meat, can it right away.  No more chest freezer until we get a propane one.  I'm going to keep my eyes open for a used one.  Although I doubt we could get the same kind of deal as we did with the propane fridge, a girl can always hope.  (The fridge was free and there is a small freezer on top which is good for ice, ice-cream, and small stuff like that.)

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