Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I tried to blog last night....

But my battery died. 

I have decided that my children are banned from clothes.  I am constantly asking them "Did you bring down your dirty clothes?"  They always say yes and that they have no dirty clothes in their rooms.  Ok, fine.  This has gone on for months.  I am also thinking that they have a serious need of clothes because they are wearing the same clothes constantly.  Poor Bethany need some clothes.  Charlie needs not just clothes but socks as well.  I haven't gotten to Hannah's stuff yet.

I go up to their lofts to check their rooms and give them a sweep and do an inventory of what they have so I can make a list for yard sale season.

They have TONS of clothes!  Clothes that I forgot about becuase I had not seen them in forever.  They were also all dirty if not from wear (and caked in mud or half inside out half right side out, etc) then from being stomped on and mixed in with the dirty clothes.  I was not happy to say the least.

So, yesterday I went to the laundromat and spent instead of $13.00 on laundry, over $30.00 on laundry.  Yeah, I was aggravated.  I did meet someone who I had unknowingly met before.  We talked on the phone once and talked online a couple of times.  She's a local homeschool mom and I had kept her number for when I had time to actually either start a co-op for homeschoolers or something.  I didn't know who she was when I was talking with her at the laundromat.  But I gave her my number and she called so I would have it.  When I looked at the number on the phone, her name was there.  So, I need to call her and say "Guess what?"

After putting the clothes in the washing machines yesterday, we went to The Spinning Lady and the girls had to explain how they ruined their fiber and they have to work to earn more fiber.  So, they are going to do some weeding for The Spinning Lady to earn replacement fiber.

In other news, we were able to replace our daily water usage and then some with the rain we had.  The rain system is working.  It will work even better when we get more gutter up and are able to catch more rain.    This whole thing really excited me.  We use water.  It rains.  The water we used that day was replaced and then some.

We are at a playground on the way to Yellville and my children are having fun so I must pester them as is my right as their mother.  Last one to the swings is a rotten egg.

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