Monday, March 21, 2011

Child Birth

Err...  Umm...  Goat birth.  We have a goat in labor right now and I am a bit concerned.  She is small and young.  This is a first kidding for her.  We have her separated right now and I keep checking on her.  Thus far, we have a broken water and discharge streaked with a bit of blood.  I always get nervous with a first timer.  Will she be ok?  Will the baby be ok?  Will there be rejection?  Will I have to pull?  What if the kid is breech?  (It's harder to reach in with a first timer than it is with experienced mama goats.)

In other news, we are doing another burn.  We are working our way to 100 foot radius right now and will work our way further out.  The fires across the lake and the smoke highly visible is another reminder of just how vulnerable we still are.  With deadwood and leaves and everything left untouched for a decade or more in this area, fire spreads quickly.  It is understandable why people burn large areas.  (Although it still baffles me with the whole concept of light a match and walk away.)

Wednesday, we need to get more propane for the fridge.  We had maybe half a tank when we hooked it up and it ran out.  In asking about where we should budget it, I think I hurt Husband's brain.  Well, propane is a fuel.  However, it is being used to preserve our food.  So does it go in food budget or fuel budget?  We eventually decided to budget it under food.  Then, I asked "Well, since the generator is used to keep the freezer working, should that be food or fuel?  Or should it be a different category since we have also used the generator for other things?"  He walked away from me and refused to continue the discussion.  We'll be keeping it under the fuel category.

We've also decided on how and where and what for the extension on the house.  We will be adding two rooms to the back of the house.  One will be a milking parlor that is not accessible from the inside so it won't technically be a room on the house, but the shelter of the house will be used to make the other walls.  The floor will also be concrete and it will not be level with the house.

The other room is what was going to be Charlie's room, but will be our room instead.  It won't be any bigger or smaller than the room we currently have, but we also won't have a child right above us.  So, Charlie will get our room and we will get the new add-on.  The new add-on that we will be building will in the winter time be the coldest room.  Not wanting Charlie to get cold (or any of the children) we decided that this would be our room.

Before this happens, we will be raising the roof between Bethany's and Hannah's lofts and having a little doorway for them between the two areas.  That needs to get done first before the additions can be put on.

Lots of exciting things are going on around here and I can't wait to get some pictures once we get started.

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Mrs. Hoppes said...

It's a premature still birth