Friday, February 11, 2011

Out of Order

That is how I am doing things tonight.  Out of order.  Baths then dinner then bed.  We're having chicken noodle soup for dinner since Hannah's sick.  Bethany and Husband are also a bit under the weather.  They're congested, but not feverish.  Hannah has been running a fever.  It's gone from 100.5 to 102.2 to 101.5 and now 101.8.

We might be able to sell one of the puppies.  We ran an ad for $50 a piece.  Someone is interested in one and Husband is on his way to meet the person.  They are two months today so they are ready to wean (which Mom has been doing) and find new homes.

Not much got done today in terms of house construction/reconstruction whatever.  I did, however, work on next week's schooling schedule and get other stuff done on the computer.  Overall, it has been a pretty lazy day spent cuddling a sick child and doing basic housework.

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