Friday, December 31, 2010

Doing Better

My hand is doing better.  It still hurts when I try to use it too much.  Especially when I type or grab something.  But other than that it isn't too bad.  I'm still having issues with the first knuckle on the two middle fingers.  Not surprising given how badly they were mangled.

We had storms go through this morning and really enjoyed listening to the rain and thunder and watching the lightening and clouds.  There was a tornado that touched down in Arkansas about four or five hours from here.  That line of storms is what passed through here.  No tornadoes for us, but some really beautiful lightening and heavy downpours.  It has also dropped 13* since last night.  In the middle of the night, it was 68* and now it is 55* out.  It's still nice.  I am not complaining.

I have a deer leg in the stock pot and am making deer stew for the next few days.  Simple, filling, hearty, healthy, and allows me to get other stuff done around here.  We have a laundry list of things we need to get done while we have this warm weather.  I also should do some laundry next time I run the generator.  I don't like driving 20 miles to the laundromat if it can be avoided.

While I have this list in my head, I should get going and get on it.

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Happy New Year