Friday, November 5, 2010

You go out for one thing and come back with something else

That seems to be how it always goes.  I go out to help a friend this morning and end up with a sow that just had piglets and a mare.  Yes, this pig is one of the pigs we had turned down before, but we couldn't resist.  The price is still the same.  $50 and take the piglets as well as the sow.  We will pick them up Tuesday.  The horse, we got for $200.  The mare is one of R's and we were talking about us wanting a full grown horse ready for me to ride now while still getting the filly in the spring.  She had this horse she was advertising and asked if we wanted it for close to half her asking price.  OK! 

We helped her move horses from one pasture to another and transport them from place to place covering over 50 miles between various rented pastures and what-not.  Some horses were hers that she was moving and others were horses that she takes care of for other people.  One horse did not want to be loaded after trying to catch her and she lifted Husband off the ground dislocating his shoulder when she reared back.  She then flopped down on her back and kicked him in the leg.  But, all the horses got moved to where they were supposed to get moved to and when we got home (late) I put arnica on his shoulder.  He's sleeping now and I am hoping he sleeps tonight while I tend the fire. 

We didn't get back to R's until close to 7:30 this evening.  What the plans were for the day and what actually happened today are two entirely different things.  For one thing, we were supposed to go do laundry.  It's still sitting in the back of the truck.  We were supposed to clean out a water tank and fill it.  It is still sitting in the back of the truck.  The work I was supposed to do with R today was fencing.  It did not get done.  But, animals got moved to their winter pastures, we got a sow and piglets and a mare that will be coming here on Tuesday, and I learned that I did not break my pinkie in the gate today.  It is just badly bruised, swollen, and painful. 

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