Friday, November 12, 2010

Picture Time Again!

This is Charlotte.  She is very pregnant and I don't know her due date.  The blue barrel next to her pen in the watering tank.  We fill it with water and then fill her bowl from that.

This is Momma Hen and Baby Chick.  She hatched the chick on her own and is doing a good job raising the chick.

Davarge being cute.  He is very friendly and does a good job being led, but gets confused when being ridden.  He tried a few times to "rub" Husband off his back by trying to run him into a tree. 

This is Casey.  I have not ridden her yet due to the fact that we don't have a saddle that will fit her.  More specifically, we don't have a long enough cinch.

Wii?  In the forest?  Is is possible? 

Pathetic look on Davarge's face being forced to endure the inhumanity of being treated as something other than a puppy dog.

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