Monday, November 8, 2010

It's getting too dark too soon.

We got a lot done today.  We got the pig area set up and hammered staples into logs to keep the pig from being able to lift the fence and getting underneath.  We cleared the area, burned brush, and cut more firewood.  We finished that around noon and stopped for lunch.  After that, we gathered laundry and I dropped Husband and Charlie off at the laundromat while I took Bethany and Hannah to spinning.  Yes, Hannah has officially joined the ranks of the spinners.  We then joined Husband and Charlie at the laundromat where a few minutes later C showed up to do her laundry.  So, we got a chance to talk without having fibers all over the place.  I was laughing as she was walking in because she had bits of brightly colored fiber clinging to her clothes from the spinning lesson.

We had meatloaf patties for supper.  Husband cooked while I got the water going to transfer from the tank on the back of the truck to the tank we use.  I set up an old sheet to act as a strainer to keep leaves and stuff out of our drinking tank.

I am not liking the time change.  It is dark at 5:30.  I still have work to do.  But, it is too dark.  This is annoying.  It's now 6:30 and I am sitting outside in the pitch black having to use a flashlight to see.  The air is warm.  It is perfect working weather.  But, I can't do a thing.  This is NOT FAIR!  I still have work to do.

Oh, well.  The children have a lamp on right now and Charlie is reading to them.  Maybe I'll take the opportunity to load some pictures.

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