Saturday, October 23, 2010

5... 4... 3... 2... 1... BLAST OFF!

Yes, the bottle rocket launch was today.  Sadly, I did not get any pictures.  I was too busy being involved in the fun and helping to supervise.  The girls even got involved and set off Charlie's rocket a few times.  Some of us got wet from being too close during blast off. 

I had put a chicken in the oven before leaving and had planned on making mashed potatoes when we got back, but that didn't work out.  We did have chicken, but because we got back so late, we ended up having chicken wraps for dinner.  Chicken definitely tastes better home raised.

By the way, I cheated.  I confess.  I used the propane oven in the camper to cook the chicken.  I did not use the wood oven.  I am a lousy off-grid person.  I need my back-woodswoman badge taken away.

In all honesty, I am eager to try my hand at the oven, but I need someone more knowledgeable than me to give me pointers or it will be 100% trial and error and I can't see myself ruining that much food while I learn the little tips and trick with it.  Thankfully, God has put in my path someone who grew up using a stove very similar to this.  And, he and his wife just so happened to have moved here about three weeks ago.  He is going to show me how this thing works.  Next spring and summer, he is also going to show me some wild edibles and medicinal herbs around here.  He has confirmed some of the ones I know and has answered questions of others I didn't know.  But, a full lesson will be coming next season.  The children are going to tag along as well because they need to know this stuff too.  I am eager to learn the intricacies of this area.

Tuesday is my first La Leche League meeting for this area.  I am excited and nervous.  I am also worried that no one is going to show up.  This is a very high smoking and bottle feeding area and the place where I am going to be holding the meetings is non-smoking.  Even if the place allowed smoking, I would still have it be a non-smoking meeting.  The fliers were in yesterday's newsletter and there should be a reminder announcement in the newsletter on Monday or Tuesday.

Wednesday, the van is getting dropped.  The warning light for the trans axle came on.  I know what an axle is, but I don't know what a trans axle is, but it doesn't sound good.  So, it is no longer being driven.  I thought it was the brake light, but it's not.

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