Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am really enjoying the wood burning stove.  We get to keep our coffee hot and with a 40 quart stock pot, we have a decent supply of hot water handy.  We are still figuring a few things out which is why I am thankful we are using it now when we are not dependent upon it for heat yet. 

It is raining and will continue to rain for another day or so.  We have had complete downpours and everything it wet.  We put up the indoor clothes line and pulled some of the clothes off the outdoor line and brought them in.  We also hung the children's jackets to dry.  They love playing out in the rain and I let them.  Why not?  My criteria has not changed for outdoor play with moving out here.  Dress for the weather and as long as there is no lightening, high winds (I don't want them blowing away) or in danger of frostbite or hypothermia) they can play outside till the cows come home as long as their schoolwork is done.

The goats are loose and the sheep are still in.  It is nice seeing the goats wandering.  I miss it.  I think I will let it continue and make sure they are locked up at night.  (Predatory animals notwithstanding.)  Now if I can just keep them out of my strawberries and any other garden I might have set up.

Charlie has scouts tonight and I am having a hard time calming his excitement.  "It's here!  It's finally here!  I can't wait until tonight!"  That is among the most calm exclamations of joy he has expressed for tonight.  Right now, I am having him copy from Isaiah to practice his writing.  It is still horrible.  He has slipped backwards in his skill and it was never that great to begin with.

I am being paged.

Oh, and all three children have blogged.


IMLS said...

Auntie Barb. It was good to talk to Bethany and hear Hannah but the connection kept breaking up. now the blogger user name or password doesn't work so I'm back to using anonymous again. sometimes computers are a pain in th literally tying to get my eyes close enough to see clearly gives me a pain in the neck. pics on face book were good. Love to all B.

robot said...

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