Friday, September 10, 2010

Go to a yard sale for one thing

And come away with something else.  A lot of things else. 

It started out with us going for a drive to figure out where machinery noise is coming from.  (Property behind us and the guy is a seasonal/weekender.)  Once we get that figured out, we decide to do a little exploring and hit a few yard sales to see if we could find a few things.

We were at this one and we were looking at some life jackets.  We were going to buy them (we even tried them on to see if they fit properly) and I turned to look for the woman to get a price.  Seeing this, an older couple goes up to her and asks about the life vests and buys all of the.  We had gotten there at the same time and they didn't even go anywhere near them.  They saw us try them on and talk about them and decided they wanted them for themselves.  Annoying.

Anyway, an hour or so later, we hit a couple of more and I picked up a couple of classics for Charlie including Old Yeller. 

We hit another one and see that some of the stuff is set aside to raise money for the local shelter.  Now some may remember me griping about that a while back and the lack of response.  Finally, here is my chance to find out what on earth is going on.  I wait for the woman to show up and discover that basically there has been some stuff going on.  (I won't go into details.)  I talk with her about breastfeeding and also about the shelter and what I can do to help.  Well, come to find out, she asks me if I can serve on the board of directors.  Uhhh....  Ok....  Not what I had pictured in my head, but ok.  She was interested in what I had to say, is definitely going to use me as a resource and told me when the next board meeting is. 

My jaw dropped and once I got it picked up and put together two coherent words, I agreed and got her information and e-mail and what not. 

Also, while at this same yard sale where I find myself being asked to serve on the board, I am given a form to fill our for a fall festival to have an information booth.  For free.  Ok. 

And, while at this same yard sale, there is a sink there and we ask about it and it's not for sale.  But there is another sink there that they want to get rid of.  She gave it to us.  For free.  We got to find out what was going on with the shelter, got asked to serve on the board, was given a form to fill out to have a free information table, and got a kitchen sink all at the same yard sale.  And, yes, we did actually buy something while there.  A small kerosene lantern and some plastic jars with snap lids.