Monday, August 2, 2010


The heat saps your energy.  When it is over 100* outside plus muggy, all you want to do is sleep.  But, you can't.  And the heat does not seem to affect the energy of the children.  (Not fair!)

Bethany had another spinning lesson today and as usual thoroughly enjoyed it.  She also hung out with C's husband and helped him to collate the newsletter.  So, she also got a chance to see how a small newspaper is run.  She loves going there and gives the both of the huge hugs.

I went to go get my tire since the front passenger tire is a dummy tire right now.  The rim itself is bent and the tire has a cut in the wall which means it was not a slow leak.  Something sliced into it.  We can't have it replaced right this minute.  The guy is going to see what he can do for prices for me.  He also gave me leads on goats, water tanks, building materials, etc.  We're going to go back tomorrow so he can talk with Husband about it all since much of the information, although absorbed, is not translating into me being able to repeat it back to Husband.  So I just put it as "let's go back and talk with his again.  He is a good contact for us."

C had said that if we need a galvanized hot water tank to not buy one that she has three.  We can "work something out."  She also described heating systems she has used both growing up and as an adult including using radiant heat from a wood stove to heat up water in a tank for continuous hot water.  So, we have a lead there as well for more than just spinning.  (Not to mention building a wonderful friendship.  She is a great lady to talk to full of wisdom and humor.)

Terrific news.  I was able to get all my numbers transferred.  I went to Gainsville and went to the cellular place there and they were able to (after several attempts) transfer my phone numbers.

By the way, as I am sitting here typing, Husband has had two seizures.  His appointment with the VA is later this month.  I don't know how long I can wait.  I am not liking this.

We got our propane tank filled.  Instead of doing an exchange (although that is available) we went to the Marina where they fill the small portable tanks.  It was about 3/4 of the way empty and it cost less than $10 to fill.  I can handle that.  Much better than the propane exchange set up that most gas stations have.

I spoke with the gentleman about us possible having multiple propane tanks rather than the 100 gallon tanks that require propane delivery.  For where we live, he thinks it's a good idea.  Although we won't need the propane for cooking once the wood stove is set up, the camper has a small propane stove so if we ever have company staying, they will have the ability to heat themselves up something if they want (the camper will be a "guest cabin" of sorts) plus we have emergency propane for emergency heat should the need arise.  And, propane lasts forever.

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