Monday, August 16, 2010

Miraculous Day

Today has been a miraculous day.  First, we made it home in the wee hours of the morning with no further complications.  Then I refilled my prescription for Levothyroxine and was reminded yet again that it costs half (even with copay) here than it does in Indiana.  As we are unpacking, we noticed a hen of ours that had disappeared a while back.  We chalked her off to dog/cat/armadillo food.  She was nowhere to be found.  She showed up this morning with a baby chick in tow.  Then, I go into town for gas for the generator and ice and discover that this one gas station that has ice also has block ice.  Block ice means ice lasts longer.  COLD WATER!  I get home and as I am getting out of the van and getting the gas can, I look over.  There is a nest of eggs!  We have fresh eggs again!  There were 17.  Leaving one for the hens to go back to, I collected 16.  YAY!  Eggs and oatmeal for breakfast. 

Tomorrow is my appointment with the gynecologist.  I am not looking forward to it.  I have offered to cancel or postpone it offering up one (valid) excuse after another, but Husband won't hear of it.  He gets down right annoyed when I put things off that involve taking care of myself and this is no exception.  I have a good husband.  An annoying husband because he won't let me cancel this whole thing (I feel fine) but still a good husband.

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