Saturday, August 7, 2010

Live Blogging!

We are on our way to Indiana.  We decided to leave early because we are anxious to get there and pack up the rest of our stuff and see friends.  My court date is Wednesday and I have all the paperwork to prove child support payments.  Postal money order receipts plus certified mail plus having it signed for and return receipt means triplicate proof of payments.  If there is a question of a payment, I can say "I have the receipt from the money order purchased on this date and mailed out at the very same time.  Here is the stamp from the US Postal Service.  They received it on this date and this person signed for it."

On Thursday (as long as I don't find myself in jail which I don't anticipate, but that flutter of fear still goes through me) I am meeting friends at K-mart.  There is a pizza/play place in there.  I am having it at 2:00.  It is not meal time and that way if someone is concerned about being able to afford lunch out, that concern is gone.  It is in the middle of the afternoon.  If someone wants to get themselves or their children a snack of some kind, they can do that.  As for us, I don't anticipate getting anything beyond soda or iced tea or something for us and our children. 

The three lady goats we are keeping are happily munching away on some over grown grass at the goat sitter.  Zorro and the others have been put down.  Zorro had to be shot more than once.  He moved his head so instead of going through his skull/brain, it went through his jaw and out the other side.  So, he had to get shot again only this time it was in the chest cavity through the lungs and heart.  A shot to the brain is supposed to be instantaneous, but it doesn't work well if the animal moves!  We got the head shot, just not between the eyes.

We are going to be able to get all the stuff from Indiana that we want and then some thanks to a friend loaning us her trailer.  The thing is huge and welded.  It carried a full 100 gallon propane tank plus all of her stuff plus had plenty of room left over and the thing wasn't even breaking a sweat.  So it should be able to get the things we want and then some no problem.

All three children are asleep and it is barely 7:00.  They were out right way.  They have been so excited about going to see "Auntie B."  They also want to see Miss L, their former piano teacher.  They have a list of people they want to see almost as long as mine.

We've been talking about the property and our plans for the future.  One of the things we are talking about is having a man made pond for livestock.  I want a cow.  I am still keeping the goats, but I also want a cow.  There are things you can do with cow milk that while not impossible, but very difficult to do with goat milk such as butter.  But along with a man made pond, we also need to have pasture land.

Gah!  We need to finish the house first!  One thing at a time.

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