Sunday, August 1, 2010


Yes, I know I just blogged a few hours ago, but I have to share a couple of things.

We had to go to Springfield to Harbor Freight because our pump died.  (Actually, the wires melted.)  We need this pump for water.  It is how we get water into the tank and how we transfer water from one tank to another.  It clamps onto a battery.  Anyway, we need this pump.  So after calling to make sure Harbor Freight had some in stock, we head to there.

Once we get there, we had a hard time finding it.  Come to find out, it is not kept with the other pumps.  It is kept with the "outdoor" stuff because it is a "marine" pump.  Eh, whatever.  We decided to get two so we would have a spare.  I get rung up for two while the employees are in the back trying to find a second one.  After some fruitless searching, I said "It's ok.  I'll just take the refund.  It's not a big deal."  I felt bad that they were doing all this searching looking for a second one for me.  (Granted their system showed them having more than one, but one was on the shelf and theoretically there was supposed to be more in the back.)

Not only did they give me a refund, they went above and beyond.  They "returned" both of them (keep in mind the receipt was showing two even though I only had one) and resold the one at a 20% discount for having me wait and being inconvenienced.  They impressed me.  I walked out extremely happy.  I would have been happy with just the refund, but they went above and beyond.  I was feeling bad for them scrambling around and they were feeling bad for me for having to wait and them not having a second one.

Anyway, the children are hungry at this point so we go some place for lunch.  We had never been to this place before and the people were very friendly.  The staff went out of their way to make us feel welcome and make the children feel welcome.  (Not that my children have ever had a problem with that.  They strike up conversations with everyone and Bethany hugs every person that goes anywhere near her.)

While I was in the bathroom with Bethany, the waitress had come by the table with a surprise for us.  Some customer had bought a $20 gift card for us.  Wow.  It was done anonymously.  Being on the receiving end felt kind of strange.  We had done anonymous meal purchases for people before.  Usually a vet or someone obviously just returning from war or something along those line.  Kind of an anonymous "thank you" for serving.  I don't know what is so special about us.  We're just a family coming in for lunch and someone picked us out in a busy restaurant to give this gift to.  I am very appreciative.  Weirded out, but appreciative.  Thank you very much.

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