Saturday, July 31, 2010

We got it!

In the bed of the truck right now is our "new" wood stove!  I am so happy!  I know that there is going to be a learning curve when it comes to using a wood stove oven.  I am ok with that.  As I cook on it, I will keep an eye on the oven and see how it fast it heats up and how hot it gets.  That will give me an idea of how it works before I actually put food in it.

We slept in the cabin last night and it was lovely.  My biggest concern had been put to rest.  I had been hesitant about Hannah sleeping in the loft because of her still climbing into our bed during the night.  She woke up during the, came down the ladder, crawled into bed with me, snuggled up to me, and went back to sleep.  Just like every other night.  Bethany even came down and joined us in bed.  So, yes, we still have the family bed.

On the way back home from getting the stove (in which we are still heading back home) we stopped at a yard sale.  The people gave each of the children a stuffed animal and some how, Charlie managed to get a book and a stuffed animal.  We got tons of VCR movies that the children will be able to enjoy. 

That's another thing.  We discovered that we don't need the generator to run the TV.  It can run on the batteries.  It actually can run on one old battery as long as the battery has a full charge.  That made me very happy.  We only get one channel.  It's the ION channel and it is very fuzzy.  Once we get the remote for the digital box (we left the remote in Indiana) we will see what we get. 

So, things are coming together.  Our cabin is becoming more homey.  We almost bought a table and chairs at a another yard sale, but decided against it.  We have a table and chairs in Indiana.  It is a nice table and it is very sturdy.  We will eventually need new chairs because the chairs we have had all been glued back together at least once.  A couple of them have been reglued multiple times.

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