Thursday, July 29, 2010

Still Breath taking

We are going to Forsyth to do laundry because we are also in need of new socks.  Looking at the scenery and the mountains, it still takes my breath away.  It is amazing just how beautiful everything is.

Anyway, Charlie has lost most of his socks.  Mine are disappearing.  Husband's are getting worn.  I am also in need of underwear since mine are all too big on me now.  We are also going to get globes for the Coleman lanterns.  Husband mentioned oil lamps until I reminded him we can make our own in  minutes.  He looked at me and said "I hate having a plate in my head."  To be fair, this was something we were talking about just before he had his seizure the other day.

He came across a site that discusses at length low irrigation raised bed gardening.  I scanned through it and what I read sounds really interesting.  Basic gist of it is to space seeds farther apart.  There is more to it than that and if I can find the link later, I'll post it.

Anyway, all the laundry is with us and we are going to have a wonderful, relaxing day and explore Forsyth once laundry is done and we don't have to deal with drunk tourists on boats.  Drunks on boats is scarier than drunks on the road based on their behavior and I don't need my children around that.  Besides, the wakes of the speed boats going by makes the stock pots go bouncing away.  Did I mention that I can't wait to have the truck back so I don't have to go to laundromats or the lake for laundry?  The nearest laundromat is in Isabella which is over 20 miles away.  (We're going further than that today.)  Plus the landromat in Isabella does not have air conditioning which feels wonderful with triple degree heat and dryers running.

While I was at the post office taking care of my child support, I mailed out all the pictures and drawings my children did for a friend of mine and her family.  They miss "Miss D" and family.  I also have pictures for Auntie B that still need to be mailed out.  A mark of a true friend is someone who not just appreciates scribbles and drawings from my children, but actually looks forward to them and enjoys talking with them on the phone. 

More often than not, when I am talking with a friend of mine on the phone, one of the children will come up to me, try to find out who I am talking to and want to talk with them.  One time, I was talking with M and Bethany came up to me, asked who was on the phone and I said "Nunya."  (As in None Of Your Business.)  Bethany goes "I want to talk to Nunya!"  M pretended to be "Nunya" and carried on this whole conversation with her, not realizing it was M, and Bethany handed the phone back to me all excited that she got to talk with a "new" person.

In less than two weeks, I will be back in court for a follow up for my child support.  I have receipts in triplicate proving that I have been paying and I will keep this going so that I don't have to face this again.  Postal money order, certified mail, return receipt means that not only do I have proof of payment, but I have proof that it got mailed out and that they received it.  All of these receipts and all future child support receipts are kept under lock and key in a fire proof box.

I am still nervous as heck thinking about going back to court.  Granted, I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.  I am paying my child support.  Actually, I am paying more than I have been ordered and I have the evidence.  But I still get nervous having to go to court.  I just need to remember to breathe. 

Anyway, I am now on "find laundromat co-pilot" duty.

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