Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A few days worth of blogging

Monday, July 12, 2010

A comedy of errors. That is about how I would describe R getting her camper here. It had a flat on the trail followed by a dead battery. This was of course after having to fix what her ex- sabotaged to try to keep her from leaving to begin with. The guy is a real piece of work. She was telling me some of the stuff (like formaldehyde in the gas and cutting a coil) and I made mention that the guy needs to be shot. She said “Killing him is not the answer.” I reminded her that I didn’t say kill him. Just shoot him.

Anyway, Husband and I went over next month’s budget. We need internet. We will get internet next month. I am tired of being without it and so is Husband. The children need it too. There is just so much we want to research and no real way to do it.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Well, the whole moving the camper had to be stopped sometime after midnight last night because of more downpours, lightening, thunder, etc. Plus, the ground which is mostly bedrock with only an inch or two of dirt has dirt in some places that is six or more inches deep and with the rain we have been having, it is saturated. As a result, the camper got stuck up to the axle. And, the truck is in the body shop.

I still can’t believe the crap the ex-husband did. The amount of sabotage he did is unreal.

Anyway, that is currently being worked on while I sit here with the children as they do their schoolwork and am surrounded by toilet paper. I did a load of toilet paper yesterday because we were out and since we’ve had tons of rain and the laundry I did the other day is still hanging outside not drying, I strung up a line inside the camper and hung the toilet paper inside.

I still need to check on the rain catchment system we set up yesterday with the 275 gallon tank. This is the tank we had been using to get water and pump it into the other tank. Trying to get a full tank off the back of the truck is an impossibility. So having an empty tank to go collect water is a necessity. However, being without a truck for two weeks means having to have water for when our regular tank runs out. So, we set up the system with our “go get” tank. We will be getting a couple of more tanks next month.


Can I just say that I’m amused? Here we have this camper stuck in the mud and not moving. A four wheel drive pickup truck comes along to help her and gets himself stuck. I have to go to town. I have a little minivan and there is a lot of mud and standing water. I get through, go to town, come back, bypass all these people on the trail with my little minivan going through the same mud, ruts, and standing water and I have no problems. In and out.

So, how do you drive in axle deep mud without getting stuck? Simple. Do NOT go slow and do NOT stop. If you are going to go, just go. Don’t hesitate. Granted, it helps to know the path, but as far as “hazards” suck as rocks and stumps, these vehicles have clearance. The van doesn’t which means I have to go around where the ground is very soft and soggy.

Dainty little ol’ me made it. Neener, neener.

Husband is napping right now. He had a couple of pretty good seizures while I was gone. They were bad enough to worry the children. So, the children and I are going to sit and talk about Daddy and his seizures. I am also going to call the VA about a medication that he is on that is contra-indicated for people with seizures. But before I do that, I need to get my list together. While the VA in Branson is nice to look at and the doctor was nice personably speaking, professionally, he was not that great. The whole bit of “There are too many issues for me to deal with right now so call back in five months for a six month follow-up” does not fly with me. He is supposed to be getting referrals to the diabetic clinic, eye clinic, podiatry, prosthetics, dental, and pain. So as soon as I have internet access so I can get the number, I will be calling. Have I mentioned recently just how much I dislike not having internet?


The tentative menu for August is made up. I don’t like it. We are having to buy more and more grocery store prepackaged stuff as our reserves become depleted. In making the menu, I am having to keep in mind lack of refrigeration and any meat being bought the day before or day of use. Since we are already making trips into town every other day or so for ice, I guess this is how we will be shopping. We have a possible source for a propane fridge and once we get one of those, I will be able to shop more “normally.”

I also learned where the local Amish are. They are about two hours away. So, one of these days when we don’t have 50 million things on our todo list, we will take a road trip and check them out. Someone had said “You will know them by the grey houses and the windmills.” Windmills? Hmm.

R’s camper is still stuck. The ground is just too wet. It is going to take a couple of days to dry out. However, once the ground is dry, it will harden. The dirt here is clay. So we are trying to work with wet ground hoping it will dry enough to be able to work with without cementing the camper in place. Fun.

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