Thursday, July 29, 2010

Bring on the rain!

I am already breathing better.  We had an absolute down pour that lasted a good 20 minutes.  It is still lightly raining and I am enjoying it.  The dust has been knocked down and the temperature has dropped cooling the evening air.  I am loving it.  Thank You, God for the rain.  It is ironic how a few months ago I was grumbling about the constant rain and here we had none for weeks and I complained about lack of rain.  Irony.

Tomorrow, we move from the camper to the cabin.  At this point, it is no different than living in a house with some remodeling going on.  We were going to move in tonight, but didn't feel like carrying the mattresses in the rain across the yard.  So, we will be in the camper one more night.

If the truck is ready in the morning, we will get the stove tomorrow.  Otherwise, it will wait until Saturday.  We will move mattresses, solar panels, and batteries when we get back.  The wind turbine will be ordered in four weeks and the next one a month after that.  We will get more solar panels as we go along.  So, we have electricity for our current needs.  And if we need a boost, we still have the generator.  As a matter of fact, we will be running the generator so the children can watch a movie tonight.  They haven't had a movie in a while, so we'll make stove top popcorn and watch a movie.  We have our TV and movies with us.  We also have our Wii with us, but we won't be doing that for a good long time.  I see that as a winter thing.

Anyway, the Thursday night tradition (started three weeks ago) of dinner with R has continued and she once again made a delicious soup.  It's funny because she'll walk up here and say "Hey, Kim?  It's Wednesday.  I need your stockpot."  She soaks her beans over night before cooking them the next day.  And all of her soups are a lot like mine.  Beans and "other stuff."  She has a preference for white beans.  I like variety.  I especially like black beans.  But you know what?  It really doesn't matter.  Beans are interchangeable and when made into a soup, it is very filling, very healthy, and has lots of fiber and good protein. 

My mind keeps drifting back to the cabin.  What used to be "cabins" is now "cabin."  We are moving out of the camper and into the cabin tomorrow.  I get my own room!  The children each get their own room!  Oh, crud!  I still have to share my room with my husband.  Oh, well.  From what I understand, there are perks to sharing a room with your husband.  You have someone to warm your toes on in the winter.

I broke my new phone tonight.  I was stupid.  Now, I have to file a claim.  Thankfully, I have insurance on it.  I am really annoyed with myself, but can't change anything.  Deal with it and move on.  What is really annoying is a friend called and I can't see the screen to call her back using Husband's phone and, of course, I can't get to my voice mail to hear the number.  I really needed to talk with her, too.

Anyway, the movie (Veggie-tales) is getting ready to start so I am going to join my family for a family movie night.  (How 21st century.)

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