Wednesday, June 16, 2010

So my numbers were slightly off

It wasn't 1000 feet of cutting we had to do.  Try more than tripling that.We've cleared 2400 feet and have 1300 more to go.  We are doing well and will finish in time.  God has definitely watched over us.  Especially when you consider the fact that a man with seizures is using a chainsaw.  Yes, the control freak in me has this insane urge to watch over every move and cut he makes and wants to find volunteers to come in and help with the major cutting, but I know that is not necessary.  I am allowing him to lead and I am following his lead.  The children and I clear the brush and logs while he does the cutting.  It is going very well.  Some of the nicer trees are going to be used for furniture and beams and other building supplies.  The dead wood will be firewood and the green will be future firewood.  We will collect all of that later.  Right now, it is cut and clear for a truck to get through.  One thing is for sure.  None of this wood will go to waste.

Husband's cell phone is ruined.  It either got ran over or a tree fell on it.  I'm not sure which.  Thankfully, we still have insurance on it so once I get through the run around that is cell phone replacement, that will be taken care of.

Back to work.

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Anonymous said...

SIL/Auntie Barb's note... You ARE truly blessed - to be able to do realize, bit by bit, a chosen way of life, howbeit different than some would have chosen. For G. to work when he is able and stop when he isn't feeling well has been a blessing for him. Because you're all working together as families used to, quality time does not have to be allocated into busy schedules. You are are also blessed because the increased activity level and better food intake has brought G's weight and blood sugar down to a point that he is again off the insulin. I realize there are dangers living in the Ozark's but there are dangers living anywhere across the U.S.. Alligators in the most Southern states, bears and wild cats in the Eastern Mountain ranges. Polar bears, Moose up North and poisonous snakes about everywhere. Then in some areas you can be a victim of drive-by shootings standing in your own front yard. So I guess the key is being vigilant, being careful, and knowing what to do if the the unfortunate happens (as you did when H. got burned). More than anything else LOVE. Love God, your family and .....your enemies.
See yo'all soon. SIL