Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I feel flattered

My anonymous commenter actually went out of her way on June 10th to look for me in Google search by putting in "hoppes blog" in the search engine.  In just a few short days, she knows me well enough to have genuine concern about my children especially with regard to a mountain lion. 

Ignoring the fact that there are four deaths PER YEAR due to mountain lions in both the US and Canada combined (there are more deaths per hour from vehicles alone) and the fact that I do watch my children and look out for them, I am heartened that there is a stranger that went out of her way to hunt my blog down and comment on it.  Since she seems so shy as to tell us about herself, allow me to help her out.

She is from Eugene, Oregon and found me on June 10th using Google search.  Her IP is through Qwest Communications and her Windows operating system is WinVista.  She has Windows 8.0 and Javascript is enabled. 

I won't be so bold as to share her actual ISP address, but I have that as well.

In all seriousness, I find it rather disturbing that someone would go out of their way to track me down, take the time to read my blog, and leave rude comments.  I think that says more about "Anon" and her character or lack their of that how we choose to live our lives.

Although I am sure this mom is from either breastfeeding.com (of which I have not been to in years), sybermoms.com (of which I went one day years ago), or lasombressa (which I have never been to) they are all the same people and living my life standing up for my convictions has led people who have never met me or talked on the phone with me to not like me.

Basically, they are a bunch of bored mom who have nothing better to do than try to go around bullying other moms who don't conform to their perception of "ideal" and really despise people who stand up for themselves and dare to fulfill their dreams.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha... I dont think that she is going to be commenting any more, huh?!

Wyatt Earp said...

Kim, start deleting Anon's comments or move them to spam - if you can do that on blogger. Ignore the troll and it'll go away.

Or if it gets worse, send the troll my way and I'll track the IP addy down when I'm at the division tomorrow.

sasha said...

No joking, I had a breastfeeding.com/sybermom literally stalking me a little over a year ago. I had to get the police involved and everything.

Some of those people are freakishly unstable.

I know it's obnoxious and annoying but, please, be careful. When some of these "ladies" get into their heads that they're working in your children's best interests they can really be potentially dangerous. When they take such interest in what they read on the internet to show up at your house...

Mrs. Hoppes said...

Wyatt - I may just have to do that. Do the computers at the division speak troll? I'd hate to have the entire police department system locked down because of one moron.

Mrs. Hoppes said...

Sasha - I remember that. It's too bad that some people can't mind their own business.

I'd like to take Wyatt's advice and block her, but I don't know if I can block a specific IP address. Besides, what would stop her from using her neighbor's computer or going to the library?

Sasha said...

I'm sure it's probably more than one. They seem to move in small packs--one "brave" enough to talk (anonymously) for the group and the others high fiving her in the background.

You know, typical bullies.

Ironically, there are confirmed reports of mountain lions in this area. Maybe we should all move. Hard to believe people live in places like Alaska and Africa. Those neglectful folks.

mmpaints said...

Hon, don't sweat it. At least it's not the PETA dorks, LOL. They pester me all the time. YOu hang in there and keep right on doing what you're doing. Folks called me nuts and other nice adjectives when I first started the whole "self sustained" thing and several threatened me too. I'm still going and none of them had the guts to stop in at the farm as invited, LOL. Go figure. Anyway, never be sorry for doing what's right for you and to hell with what anybody else thinks of it.

leschornmom said...

I'm not so sure that "flattered" is how I'd feel if I was in your situation! "Creeped out" or "scared" fit much better I think!
I find it very frustrating that busy bodies throw accusations of abuse and neglect around like they it's a game. I have been very closely involved to two REAL abuse cases. It was sad and it was scary...for the children! My heart broke as I watched both stories unfold. If "Anon" had ever really seen abuse, she would not be bothering your family. She seems like some kind of a wierd thrill-seeker if you ask me!

leschornmom said...

Oh yeah... as for the "moving because of the mountain lions" thing... I lived in a subdivision in the middle of the town of Gilber AZ... and there was a rattle snake in my back yard!!! Should CPS have been called on me for not high-tailing it out of the state?