Wednesday, May 26, 2010

More questions answered

What sort of set up do you have for a shower since you do not have a home or a bathroom?  It is a solar shower.  The water heats up using the sun and we shower with it.  It gets as hot as a "regular" shower.

Laundry.. I am wondering if your clothes actually get clean in a wonder wash. It most certainly lacks the friction a standard washer would have.  We have an actual washing machine as well.  It is now set up and hooked up to the generator.  (Again, most regular readers would know this by now.)  We take the opportunity when the generator is running to also run the coffee pot and fill our carafes.  It is a nice change from coffee cooked on the wood stove.

An outhouse? Really?Why? Why not have a home with an actual toilet?  Well, the home is not built yet.  However, if we still decided to have an outhouse after the home is built, it is still a viable choice.  One thing is for sure.  If we decided to continue to have an outhouse, we won't ever have to worry about a toilet backing up and having waste going across our floor.

Lack of protein in your children's diet would be a major concern if I were you. The diet you listed in most certainly not well rounded nor complete. You need to fix that. The diet is hardly ok for your husband also.  Beans lack protein?  Eggs lack protein?  Oatmeal lacks protein?  Really? Since when?  Whole wheat spaghetti is not healthy?  Really?  Fresh produce is not healthy?  Really?  Homemade granola made with oats, nuts, and dried fruit is not healthy?  Wow.  I didn't realize that a diet of complete proteins, whole grains, and fresh produce was not well rounded or healthy.  I guess I will have to fix that and get white bread, canned ravioli, and ramen noodles.  Oh, and as for my husband's diabetes, he is off insulin again and his Metformin dose is dropped.  His diabetes is not 100% diet controlled yet, but we are heading that way again.
With the work required to live the lifestyle you have created, I wonder how much time is actually spent on education. Why do you believe you have the ability to educate your children?  Every afternoon is dedicated to school curriculum.  We cover reading, math, writing, science, etc.  We use Spectrum and come fall, we will be switching to Rod and Staff.  The physical labor of what we do is an opportunity to do physical application to the book learning.  So not only do my children learn book-wise, but the are applying it to their everyday living giving them a more concrete foundation for their education.


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Anonymous said...

AHAHAHA! Love the comment about the white bread and canned ravioli! Your adventure sounds so fun! Good luck... I love reading your blogs. :)

Argh... I have to post anonymous because I can't remember my google password or username! Sorry.

leschornmom said...

Preach it sister!

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PS I LOVE Rod and Staf My Malach Started out in 1st grade public school and got bored with it very quickly. He is already halfway through the 2nd grade Rod and Staff Math and English. Since we school year round he'll be finishing 4th grade while all his peirs are finishing 2nd. How's that for educating!?!
By the way I'd look into Apologia if you want some food Christian based science!