Sunday, May 16, 2010


The final diagnosis is bronchitis.  I don't know what they saw or thought they saw on the x-ray to lead to the possibility of a PE, but the ct scan showed that there wasn't one.  So, he has been prescribed some abx, and a cough suppressant.
By the way, it is pouring again.
I figure we will get back home between 10 and noon.  Thick fog and heavy rain and up all night.
My final diagnosis of the VA.  Friendly.  Clean.  Quick with tests and labs.  Very old, but head and shoulders above Indianapolis.

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Anonymous said...

Kim and George, tis me...SIL..B, Sorry to hear your sick, hope you all get better real quick. Doesn't sound like fun right now with you both sick. I hope not but with it raining and the confined area, sounds like this bug is gonna go through the family. BTW I have 4 brown eggs in the fridge, and have named her Penny (from Henny Penny. Oh ya, Thankfully blood clots run in the Raver family. Got to go answer the phone so will let you got for now. Love to all.