Sunday, April 18, 2010

Will be leaving soon

We will be leaving in a few hours to go to AR. We are leaving in the middle of the night so we have the reduced traffic and will not be hitting major cities at rush hour. It will also (theoretically) allow the children to sleep most of the trip.
The reason for the delay is due to several reasons. One is the children being children and having to stop every few minutes to put out one brush fire after another. Another reason is once we got the van loaded, got the boat loaded and hooked the boat to the van, the tail of the van hit the ground. So, we had to transfer everything from the van to T's vehicle and I will be driving that down there while towing the packed boat. K did a test run with the boat and his wife's vehicle and it drives well even fully loaded. Although I am not happy about driving someone else's vehicle and leaving my van behind for now, it is a comfort issue on my part rather than a safety issue.
I started my period this morning which is really annoying due to timing. Having my period drains me so this drive is going to be really interesting. Plus, I am having cramps this month. I looked at Husband earlier and said "I'm tired and I just want to lay down curled up in a ball of writhing pain." He said "I know how you feel." I just looked at him. I have no clue if he knew I was talking about my period or not and dared not ask at that point. I know his pain levels have been high lately so I decided to leave it alone.
Last night, I got to talk with someone I have not spoken with since just after the new year. She is a sweet, wonderful, funny woman who I would love to have a chance to hang out with. I know her from when I was taking care of my lady. She works at the independent living community and is probably the reason why so many people love living there. When I come back for visits and appointments, I am going to make a point of getting together with her.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is on and the children are watching it. For the 5,346,923 time. Hannah is out cold leaving Charlie and Bethany to see it to the end. I am going to check on Husband and animals and see what else is needed before we rest up.

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Anonymous said...

Only 5,346,923 times?
I have watched Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo 10.5 million.
Have a safe trip.