Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dear Nikki

I have no clue if that is how your name is spelled and that is not important to me right now. What is important is you and your two children. We met for the first time this evening and will probably never meet again. But, I can not stop thinking about you. You were sitting on the curb at the truck stop and you were crying. I was worried about you initially because I thought you were either (at best) broken down and had no way to get your vehicle fixed or (at worse) left abandoned with your two children.
I looked at my husband who was pumping gas and said "I'm getting out" so he would know not to walk away leaving the children in the truck thinking I was there. Seeing me indicate to you, he knew that whatever was going on was very important and you needed something or someone. Whether we could provide that or not, we didn't know. We just knew you were in trouble and needed help.
Going over to you, you said you were ok even though you obviously weren't. You told me what was going on. When your boyfriend came back and you went to leave with him, I gave you a hug asking if you would be safe. You said you would be.
Know this - You are worthwhile. You are worthy of compassion, love, and kindness. Love is not what you are living with. Your boyfriend is not a man. You deserve better. Know that a perfect stranger cares about you and is praying for you. Actually, several strangers. Because my husband is praying and so is the trucker who offered you help as well.


Laura said...

Make wise choices, Nikki, and may you be blessed.

Lisa A. Goff, writer, stained glass, homeschooler said...

Lucky for you, she wasn't a scammer. It is so scary to help strangers these days, but someone with a big heart such as yours and George's don't even think about that . . . you just go to them with an open heart and open arms.

I hope Nikki and her children will be safe.

Sorry you lost another baby goat.

Did you take pictures of your camping trip to post on your blog or Facebook?