Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I am finally getting organized (again) and things are shaping up. The laundry room is done and the recycling is set up. I have had it set for about 24 hours now and the only thing in the trash is pull-ups from last night. Everything else has gone to the recycling. The monstrosity of a desk that was a junk collector has been cleaned off and will be going in the garage tomorrow for the soap business. The thing weighs a ton and needs to be moved with a refrigerator cart. The La Leche League stuff has been sorted through. Out-dated stuff got "filed" and the rest got put in a rolling case. (I want two rolling cases like the one I am borrowing from my SIL. One for LLL and one for homeschool stuff.) I also sorted through homeschool stuff. The paper recycling is very full. But the trash is still near empty!
This Friday is the peer training so I will be gone all day. I am hoping husband feels better by then so I don't have to worry. And so the children can still go to gym.
I have a chart on the fridge (the same kind of chart I have done in the past) and Charlie is responsible for keeping himself on task with his schoolwork. We still guide him and pull the work out for him. But once he is done with each subject, he gets to check it off. It gives him more control and more freedom. It also allows us to see where things might get missed each day.
I am definitely enjoying being home. This is where I belong. Part time work is fine. But being gone from my family all day and not knowing when I would get off to come home.... Not my cup of tea.
Speaking of children, mine are about to get yelled at. They all earned an early bed time and I hear running and doors slamming.

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Dana said...

Where do you take your recycling? I'd love to set up something here so we can start recycling too.

Rick said you called. I'll try to give you a jingle tomorrow.