Friday, January 1, 2010

Friday Update

ELECTRICITY: This week’s reading is a bit off in that I took the reading yesterday thinking yesterday was Friday. So it should be a bit higher than it shows which is bad for me.
This week’s reading: 87933
Usage: 2018
Average Daily: 336kwh making us at 1115% of the average American.
We have NEVER been anywhere NEAR that high before. I knew it was going to go up with the cleaning, laundry, and illnesses, but it is still disturbing to see it so much higher on a six day read compared to last week’s eight day read. I need to do something. It is really disturbing seeing the meter doing hyper spins when the furnace is not running, the dishwasher is not running, and the washer and dryer are not running.
I know the solar panel above Charlie’s room is stuck on and in the day time that is fine. It kicks out warm air. But at night or when it is cloudy or it is covered with snow, it kicks out cold air. That means the furnace runs almost non-stop at night.
Plant: I planted spearmint Wednesday. With all the stomach bugs going around, mint tea is good for settling the stomach. (It’s also good for heart burn.) This week-end I am wanting to get some more stuff planted.
Harvest: Eggs. This has not changed and probably won‘t for the next few months.
Preserve: Nothing preserved. But I will canning the cabbage soup that we have been enjoying today.
Reduce waste/manage preserves: I reduced clutter in my cabinets. That counts, right? Right?
Preparation/storage: I put together the emergency bin for the van. We have a change of clothes each along with a fleece blanket and a towel each. I still need to put crackers and other snacks in it, but at least I know that if we get stuck somewhere or if the van breaks down, we won’t freeze.
Build community food system: Nada..
Eat the food (Try new recipes): No new recipes this week since we have each taken a turn at being sick.
GARBAGE: I did an excellent job creating garbage this week. We have garbage galore from the kitchen. I excelled here! Ok, so that isn’t exactly the goal of this one, but hey. I’ll take my wins where I can.
GASOLINE: $75 for the truck, but I don’t know the gallons.
$15 for soda, Pedialyte, and other “sick” items on Monday.
$45 Applebee’s which was a horrid mistake. The place was awful.
$15 K-mart for mouse traps and dishwasher soap.
$45 for pizza when we had friends visiting.
The only thing I would undo is Applebee’s. Well, that and having been sick.
HOMESTEAD: One of the three hens we got last week is dead. Why, I don’t know. There’s food and water. The only thing I can think of is maybe she got squished with all the animals huddling to stay warm. Everything outside is rock solid frozen. (Where’s my global warming?!) The heat float we picked up last week is doing a good job keeping water from freezing.
I put a set of shelves in the garage since we have been keeping our food out there rather than plugging in the fridge. It is working very well. We are planning on moving the fridge to the garage and using it in the summer while using the shelves in the winter. Everything is good and cold without being frozen even with single digit temperatures outside.
HOMESCHOOL: Charlie is doing very well even though he was sick this week. After fidgeting over math, he settled down and showed me he knows what he is doing. He is whizzing through his phonics and language books. He needs to be challenged more in those areas..
Do the Friday Update on Friday - DONE!
Get emergency supplies together and in the vehicles. - Partially done. We still need to get the truck supplies done which will just be a duplicate of the van plus chains and rope. Being diesel, we are capable (and have) pulled people out of places.
Get some seeds planted. - While not the amount I had envisioned, I did at the very least get spearmint planted.
Do some shooting. - Nope. Maybe this week. I got too wrapped up in all of us taking turns being sick. (Today is Husband’s turn with the vomiting.)
Get the truck supplies done.
Get some vegetables planted.
Get my control journal updated.
Get started on cleaning out the garage. (Temperature dependent.)

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