Monday, December 14, 2009

We're Home

While I am happy to be home, my husband still seems to be having issues. I will do my best to support him emotionally through this. On a good note, he said his head-ache has considerably lessened. The lack of city noise has done this. He has had a constant head-ache for over a month now.
The children are also happy to be home. They have run and played and made mud balls and mud forts and have generally enjoyed the outside and the down stairs. They have run and screamed and played like no tomorrow.
M and her family came over and helped with the cleaning. She brought her Haan with her and it did a nice job cleaning and sterilizing using hot steam. It definitely cleaned any mold spores that were left on the surfaces. She even ran it over the carpet and the couches.
Charlie had his scout meeting tonight and they had a Christmas party and got their pine wood derby car kits. Charlie made some ornaments and had a cupcake and candy as well as some fruit punch. He had a wonderful time running and playing.
Another good note. I finally got around to my tires getting taken care of. Four bald tires, none of them at pressure, and one of them almost completely flat and not holding air made for dangerous driving. The shimmying as I drove was getting worse by the mile. So, it got taken care of. It took all of my last check and a bit more to take care of it, but it is done.
Well, tomorrow is work, La Leche League and Weight Watchers. We'll see how I do.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully things get back to normal.

Mrs. Hoppes said...

Normal? What is this normal you speak of?