Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Weigh Day

I have to be thankful for the stomach bug. I lost 0.2 pounds. I know, I know. It is nothing. However, I also know that if I did not have the stomach virus that held me hostage in the bathroom for hours while waiting for death to come, I would have gained over 5 pounds.
I still feel queasy, but that's to be expected. I did run a few errands today before heading to the Weight Watcher's meeting and I had Bethany with me. I have really got to get her to stop going up to total strangers and giving them hugs and kisses and saying "I love you" to them. It's cute, but also scary.
Among the things I picked up, I also picked up some mouse traps. They have these new fangled things that you don't have to worry about losing your fingers in while trying to set. We'll see how well they work. Meanwhile I am scrubbing every drawer and every cabinet. Being out of the house for three months has allowed for field mice to run free. I've been doing my best to clean up after them, but after having the old traps we had go off and not a single mouse to be found, I decided to try some new traps. Actually, I was looking for the glue traps (which I think are inhumane and inflict torture before death, but I am tired of being tortured by the rodents) when I came across these. I couldn't find glue ones so I settled for these. They are supposed to be single use, but at the price I paid for these, Husband is going to find a way to dispose of the mouse and still save the trap to reuse.
Starting tomorrow, we will be back to line drying and washing in cold. I will still have the dishwasher using the sanitizer cycle until all the cabinets and dishes are done. Every dish is being washed in the sanitizer cycle until this mouse problem is taken care of.

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