Thursday, September 24, 2009

Huh? I can't hear you!

I am being a good mom and trying to teach my children the states.  The best way I have found to do that is with the song Nifty Fifty.  I love the song and find it to be a very effective teaching tool.  I go to pull it up on Youtube only to discover that my sound doesn't work.  I checked all the setting and volume on the computer, within the song itself, etc.  Then it hit me.  I have not heard any beeps, bleeps, dings, or bells since I got the laptop back from the shop.  The sound worked when it went in.  Now, it doesn't work.  And, the original problem with the power cord still exists.

I took the children to piano lessons today and while Bethany was in, I took Charlie to The Coffee Cup and let him get any snack he wanted.  He chose a chocolate milk shake.  The people there were sweet.  I had made mention that I will be leaving to take him to piano and coming back with my other child who was at piano.  When the time came for me to go, they told me to go ahead and they will just wait on the check.  I come back with Bethany and they ask "Where's the little boy?"  Apparently, they forgot about the part where I was leaving him for his lesson.  

I was really impressed with the waitresses there.  I felt really uncomfortable just leaving without paying even though I was coming right back.  I went to leave my cell phone there as "collateral" but they told me to take it.  When I came back, the table was undisturbed.  My coffee cup and water were still there.  The only things gone were the things that Charlie had gotten.

Anyway, Bethany's turn to choose came and they offered her a menu and since she is still learning to read, I just brought her over to the dessert display and let her choose.  She chose a turtle cheesecake.  (I chose plain.)  It was nice just sitting and talking with them individually.  I was able to tap them to see how they are.  They are ok still with living here.  Bethany wants to go home, but there is a catch as to how we are to go home.  We have to bring the donkeys here and ride them home.  Uh, I don't think so.

Miss L made a deal with Bethany.  She lets her hair grow and she can have a large pick and white bow for her hair.  

Charlie wanted to bring home a piano book that he played out of today.  (I forgot their books in the truck.)  He goes to take it with him with Miss L's full blessing only to be reminded that we don't have a piano here.  It's at home.  He got a bit upset.  It's hard.  But as I said, they are still doing ok.

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